Sunday, September 28, 2014

Excerpt From My Short Story

I am writing a short story for the Creative Writing Club at my school. It's a SciFy narrative about a woman who is implanted with alien DNA that gives her telekinesis (the ability to move objects with her mind).

Here is a short excerpt:

I wake up in a solitary confinement cell with 13 gun barrels orbiting my head and a dark silhouette speaking through a muffled mic, "We come in peace. Teach us your ways and we might spare your life." A droplet of water trickles down my cheek. Not a tear. Saltwater from my waterboarding. I follow it down to the 3 inch thick,black, copper wires wrapped around my electric chair, the same chair that has my elastic underwear already melted to it from the voltage that they passed through me which coincidentally would have been able to power New York for a winter. The only reason I was still alive was that I, unbeknownst to my captors, had been telekinetically moving the electrons of my torture away from my heart so as to allow my pacemaker to continue to pump the 3 liters of blood that were left in my body. The other 2 were already staining the floor and chair.  

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