Thursday, July 10, 2014

My First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog! I have no idea what I am doing, but that's the idea, right? Explore the web and find new tools to reach more people to help them and start meaningful, engaging discussions, right? Blogging is a fantastic way to achieve this goal. Studies have shown that writing down your thoughts (be it virtually or on paper) helps solidify them in your mind and organize your thought process.

Now, like all skills, no one is a born expert. Learning to write great blogs takes time and practice, so you just have to write and write. Most importantly, write for yourself. No one and I mean NO ONE  will care about your work more than you. And why should they? They have no emotional attachment to your work. You do. So make it count. Make sure that whatever you are doing, be it vlogging, blogging, coding, acting, writing, or photo shooting, it is worth your while.

idk, random thoughts that came to me as I sit here on my recliner, typing away on my Macbook, listening to my dad in a business call, exploring the realm of the blogger.

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